[sword-devel] Sword exporter (Diaspora)

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 9 Oct 2001 04:23:39 -0700

> It's great.  Thanks.  The Palm bit is fine.  I now have the 
> version I want 
> running on mine!  On the Palm, it works the same as footnotes 
> turned on 
> all the time in Sword - and that's OK.  

Yeah, I wasn't originally writing this as an end-user tool, but as a
tool for people to export as much data from a given module as it
contains.  So I turned on all option filters internally.  But now I've
added some checkboxes to allow users to turn off the option filters.
The Roman transliterator checkbox you can see is just a placeholder for
now, but I'll get it working some time this week when I get ICU linking
under Borland's compiler.  I figure transliteration should be pretty
cool since it will allow you to read Greek & Hebrew Bibles on the Palm
even if it lacks the font support.

Not sure if anyone noticed, but when outputting for Palm Bible Reader,
the exporter will output book names in the module's locale if it is
installed.  I thought this was pretty cool. :)

Since everything exported is in UTF-8, which is not supported by Palm or
OLB, I compiled & uploaded an encoding converter to the site called
uconv (part of IBM's ICU).  Usage is pretty straightforward.  To convert
a file "GerLut.txt" to ISO-8859-1, you would run "uconv -f UTF8 -t
ibm-1252 GerLut.txt > newGerLut.txt".  When targetting Palm Bible
Reader, remember to change the encoding value on the first line of the
file for encodings other than ISO-8859-1.  I have no idea what values
are valid.

The file location has moved to the public FTP area.
Diaspora is now located at
And uconv can be found at

For those interested, I've added the Diaspora source to CVS in a new
module called swordtools. (So use 'cvs co swordtools' instead of 'cvs co