[sword-devel] Sword exporter (Diaspora)

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 7 Oct 2001 20:40:34 -0700

In response to a number of requests for our material and as an excuse to
learn Borland C++ Builder, I wrote a simple Win32 app that will export
any Sword module to ThML, GBF, or OLB format.  The ThML should be the
best of the three formats, assuming my understanding of ThML is correct.
The GBF and OLB output should be fairly good for Bibles & commentaries,
at least, but suffer from lack of UTF-8 in either of these formats
because all output IS in UTF-8.  The OLB exporter requires the olb
"locale" which is included with the distribution.  The exporter will try
to fill in as many header fields, etc. as it can.

The files are on the alpha site
aspora.zip), but will be moved to the public FTP shortly.  To install,
just dump the contents of the zip into your Sword install directory.

Additional export formats (e.g. OSIS) will be trivial to add.