[sword-devel] About Sword 1.5.2 compile problems

Tero Favorin sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 04 Oct 2001 12:23:30 +0300

I happened to come across same compile problem that has come across the 
list couple of times before, where people got undefined references 
"tests2 directory. What seems to be happening is that make is failing to 
update libsword.a file when building the archive. This happens mostly 
when build directory has only one file (e.g. modules/comments, 
modules/tests, etc.) with notable exception of utilfuns. So these files 
never get placed in archive, so when building tests directory these 
references are naturally undefined.

I just haven't got a clue what's causing this. A workaround that worked 
for me was to delete those object files that were not being put into 
archive, rerun make and now those files were placed into archive so 
build completed succesfully.

Trying "make clean" before "make" didn't help.

What is really puzzling is that I've just changed computers and 
installed fresh RH7.1 with all updates. My previous machine was running 
the same configuration and I neved had any problems building Sword.

I'm using with GNU make 3.79.1.

Tero Favorin
Email: tero@favorin.com
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