[sword-devel] VIRUS Alert ........

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 01 Oct 2001 18:06:40 -0700

I never noticed either. I don't know if it was filtered before I got it or 
I just dumped it without looking at it. I wonder what it would take for the 
list server to scan attachments.


At 04:20 PM 10/1/2001 -0700, David Burry wrote:
>I never even noticed... I've been getting up to a dozen of these kinds of 
>viruses daily for months ever since SirCam started, and therefore I've set 
>up unix procmail filters on all my email accounts so my windoze machines 
>never see any executable attachments any more.  Send me a 
>.exe/.com/.pif/.bat/.lnk/etc file and it goes straight to the big bit 
>bucket in the sky  ;o)  It's a whole lot easier to filter out than the 
>rest of the world's spam....  I wonder when all major email servers will 
>have this kind of feature built in to can executables...