[sword-devel] JSword

Mike Dougherty sword-devel@crosswire.org
24 Nov 2001 12:42:20 -0800

Good afternoon all,

I am new to the list and the project. I am predominately a Java
developer and I know virtually nothing about C/C++. I was planning to
use Sword to help expand my languages and (hopefully) contribute
productively to the project.

While looking through the mailing list archives I noticed a reference to
JSword, which I assume is a Java port of the C/C++ code. This seems like
an ideal place for me to start. I could benefit the group by
contributing Java code while learning a new language (by reading
existing code) at the same time. However, I was unable to find and
information on where the code is or how contribute. Can someone point me
to where I might find the code and/or more information on JSword?

Thanks for your help, God bless,

 Mike Dougherty -- Java Software Engineer
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