[sword-devel] compiling with gcc on windows

Scott Bachman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 8 Nov 2001 10:15:56 -0500

You might also want to check out:


This is a utility that says it creates import libraries (.libs)
automatically for Visual C++... it says its for 2.x/4.x/5.x, but maybe it
works with 6.x, too?


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On 1 Nov 2001 at 11:04, Chris Little sent forth the message:

> > Attached is a small patch to Makefile, Makefile.cfg,
> > Makefile.post CVS 17:30 GMT that
> > allows you compile libsword.dll with the mingw gcc compiler
> > on windoze. (www.mingw.org) tested on windows though ought to
> > work with the mingw cross compiler as well. please try it
> > out if you have it.
> This looks cool, but does it have any neat advantages aside from
> supporting another compiler?

It ought to allow you to compile a native windows dll on linux or anything
else you can build
the cross compiler on.

> Will a MinGW compiled DLL be useable by
> MSVC?  Our MSVC compiled DLL doesn't work too well, I think because of
> the STL stuff.  And a Makefile built DLL would be a lot easier to
> maintain than one built with MSVC project files.  So please tell me this
> DLL can be used by MSVC. :) This is determined by the format of the .lib
> file that should be generated in parallel with the .dll.

The lib formats aren't compatible but it might be possible to create a msvc
lib file from the

download http://www.geocities.com/danglassey/libsword.tmp and rename it to
download http://www.geocities.com/danglassey/libsword.txt and rename it to

lib /out:libsword.lib /def:libsword.def /machine:ix86

dunno if this works with c++ dlls though.


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