[sword-devel] new BibleCS binary & summary of swordlib changes

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 1 Nov 2001 22:06:40 -0800

There's a new BibleCS binary posted at the usual location in the alpha
area.  It includes an updated set of locale files.  The it and es
locales have been added.  The cs, sk, and pl locales have been removed
because they aren't in ISO-8859-1 so we can't support them yet.  In
version 1.5.4 I hope we can support UTF-8 locales, so we'll convert
these files to that format and add them back to the distribution.

I changed the Latin-1 to UTF-8/16 filters to actually convert Windows
Codepage 1252, meaning lots of modules like the WEB will display em
dashes, right/left quotes, etc. correctly.

The HTML tags in the ThMLRTF filter have been replaced by #/| pairs,
meaning ThML commentaries in BibleCS won't show HTML tags and will have
usable verse refs.

Locale bugs should be fixed.  There were bugs in a number of locale
files themselves that have been corrected thanks to the validation code
Troy added today.  There were also issues with any characters over 0x7F
(including all accented/umlauted characters) because toupper() wasn't
capitalizing them.  There's now a SW_toupper macro that is used exactly
like toupper() was, which fixes this problem for ISO-8859-1 locales.
This is just a quick fix for 1.5.3.  A more permanent solution will
require ICU for proper case mapping.

The newly posted BibleCS incorporates these fixes and also now supports
the Font= tag in .conf files for Com & LD modules.  (WebstersDict now
renders all characters, except perhaps those in Unicode Plane 1.)

Daniel's Makefile modifications for MinGW are also in CVS now.

Terry, I'm sorry I haven't yet had a chance to look into the bugs you
pointed out in SWMarkupMgr.

Report any bugs you can find in BibleCS or Sword itself.