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Keith Sogge sword-devel@crosswire.org
22 Mar 2001 17:38:04 MST


I'm new here, so if I'm way off base, please understand.

Genernally, I prefer sights that don't use a lot of frames or if they have
them provide the out of selecting an alternative version of the site without
frames.  You know the sites that have "CLICK Here for NO FRAMES" in the upper
left of their home page.  

Would it be possible to do that with www.crosswire.org?

"Barry Drake" <b.drake@ntlworld.com> wrote:
Hi there .......

Saw this :
> Send reply to:  	"Steven Porter" <stevenp@uswest.net>
> In attempting to follow the easy instructions on your site I got no 
> where. The site sat there and did nothing.

First time I logged on to the Sword site, I was using a low-res monitor.  
You don't get to see enough to use the site. You can click on Windows, 
Linux or common - but the lower frame on the left is not on-screen - 
and there is no way of getting it to show.  Can't be sure this was what 
was happening to Steven - he doesn't say a lot, does he - but I'll be it 
was the same problem.

God bless,


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