[sword-devel] Important questions

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 23:06:41 +0100


Martin and me discussed several important issues.
These are important for the soon upcoming 1.0 release of BibleTime.
Here are our proposals and questions:

  -Most of the Sword frontends deal with bookmarks. We want this to be 
frontend- and OS independent, so that the users can easily share and exchange 
their bookmark files. There may be 2 ways to achieve this: a) work out a 
standard for bookmark files and b) implement bookmark management in sword. It 
should support different locales and be module independent.
 -We _need_ some way to determine which books, chapters and verses of a 
commentary (and bible) are available.
 -We expect a copy constructor in swmodule to be the easiest way of 
implementing thread safe searching in bibletime. But maybe there are better 
solutions? BibleCS also crashes when browsing a module while it is being 
 -The search progress implementation does not work well with user defined 
 -We would like the current status of the new search engine implementation.

We'd be grateful for comments + help with these issues because they are 
important for the future development of BibleTime, and especially the 1.0 
We also wish to thank all those who have been contributing to the sword 
project and making the development of bible study programs possible. Thank 
you for all the time and love you have been investing to serve others.
May God bless you!

Joachim + Martin

P.S. Troy thank you for the cool config interface. Thanks for all your help.
Joachim Ansorg
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