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Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 09:05:29 -0000

Hi there .......

I've been looking at the NJB (encrypted) module.  It would be nice - but - 
the original contained both the canonical and the deutero-canonical 
books (the Apocrypha) in LXX order.  The Sword library is strictly aligned 
to the AV canon and cannot use the LXX book and verse arrangement.  
What happens in the NJB is that the old testament works properly up to 
the end of Nehemiah.  At this point, the complete book of Tobit begins, 
although it declares with confidence that it is Esther.  It continues even 
when it declares it is Job (Tob. 10:4 calls itself Job 0:1 .... and so on).  
At the end of Tobit, we get a number of verses from Nehemiah (again) but 
all as one verse and then Tobit once more (all of it).  Then the text gives 
up altogether and there is no more.  (Note that the entire NJB ot file is 
less than 2 meg in size).

If someone has the original text, I would love to edit out the deutero-
canonical parts and re-format the verses to fit Sword - but I doubt the 
publisher would allow the result to be published as it would be 
incomplete. It will be a pity if the NJB module never gets to be seen 
because of this.  It's an excellent translation.



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