[sword-devel] WIN32 test

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 07 Mar 2001 05:04:17 -0700

Thanks to everyone who sent me their comments via the list and
privately.  A new binary should be up soon.

Stephen:  Do you still have the options.conf file that made sword.exe
Jerry: Do you have your font setting enlarged?  I'll try to reproduce
your problem on my box.


Stephen Denne wrote:
> Good news...
> These bug went away when I put back the empty options.conf file.
> Stephen.
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> From: "Stephen Denne" <spdlist@ihug.co.nz>
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> Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 9:48 PM
> Subject: Re: [sword-devel] WIN32 test
> > Troy :
> >
> > Windows ME
> > Every time I start it I get:
> > Access violation at address 00522E27 in module 'SWORD.EXE'. Read of address FFFFFFFF.
> > OK
> > I'll include what happens next in case you're interested...
> > Clicking OK opens the main window, but shows no commentaries or dictionaries, and only has a tab for ALT translation, of which it
> > displays nothing, and the buttons have no images.
> > Chosing the menu option to search, I had some searches that worked fine, e.g. searching for wept gave five references. (Showing
> > previews worked here - I like the preview column)
> > other searches brought forth windows blue screen (after the progress bar had progressed all the way to the right) with errors in
> > VWIN32.
> > Right clicking in the empty text window and chosing either copy or dictionary lookup resulted in an error message window with no
> > error message.
> > File | Preferences results in an exact repeat of the error received on startup.
> > Exiting the program - I get an error "Abnormal Program Termination"
> >
> > Er... version never worked for me either (same problems - except that it refused to quit when asked to, giving an address
> > violation error. Again trying to read FFFFFFFF, but from a different location than that at startup)
> >
> > Removing the ALT version resulted in the ASV version appearing with exactly the same symptoms (except that there are 72 matches
> for
> > wept in ASV)
> >
> > A couple of requests: Can the about | help show the full version number?
> > In the search results preview - can the reference column be shrinkable? It seems to always bounce back to about half the size that
> > the window opened at initially, and can clicking on the preview column show the preview in the lower pane the same as clicking on
> > the reference does?
> > The verse preview in the search dialogue sometimes shows those square boxes that windows shows when it doesn't have a glyph for
> the
> > character you are after. (Spotted at EOL, presumably they're EOL characters) - sample verses showing this for me: Luke 22:62,
> > Matthew 26:75 (visible once the window is enlarged)
> >
> > Stephen.
> >
> >
> >