[sword-devel] WIN32 test

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 5 Mar 2001 21:48:05 +1300

Troy :

Windows ME
Every time I start it I get:
Access violation at address 00522E27 in module 'SWORD.EXE'. Read of address FFFFFFFF.
I'll include what happens next in case you're interested...
Clicking OK opens the main window, but shows no commentaries or dictionaries, and only has a tab for ALT translation, of which it
displays nothing, and the buttons have no images.
Chosing the menu option to search, I had some searches that worked fine, e.g. searching for wept gave five references. (Showing
previews worked here - I like the preview column)
other searches brought forth windows blue screen (after the progress bar had progressed all the way to the right) with errors in
Right clicking in the empty text window and chosing either copy or dictionary lookup resulted in an error message window with no
error message.
File | Preferences results in an exact repeat of the error received on startup.
Exiting the program - I get an error "Abnormal Program Termination"

Er... version never worked for me either (same problems - except that it refused to quit when asked to, giving an address
violation error. Again trying to read FFFFFFFF, but from a different location than that at startup)

Removing the ALT version resulted in the ASV version appearing with exactly the same symptoms (except that there are 72 matches for
wept in ASV)

A couple of requests: Can the about | help show the full version number?
In the search results preview - can the reference column be shrinkable? It seems to always bounce back to about half the size that
the window opened at initially, and can clicking on the preview column show the preview in the lower pane the same as clicking on
the reference does?
The verse preview in the search dialogue sometimes shows those square boxes that windows shows when it doesn't have a glyph for the
character you are after. (Spotted at EOL, presumably they're EOL characters) - sample verses showing this for me: Luke 22:62,
Matthew 26:75 (visible once the window is enlarged)