[sword-devel] 1.5.2 + CD ISO

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 10:03:12 -0700

It's off.  Hope we got everyone's bug fixed.

I had to remove tons of locked modules to get the CD image built.  We
need to do something about that soon.  I tried to keep at least one
module for every language we support so as not to ruin our statistics :)

It's been a tough 2 weeks, but I feel our development branch is now more
stable than any of our stable branches have ever been :)

windows installer has been updated also.

Jerry's update to the sword.chm help file is included on the CD and in
the installer.

JOACHIM, I had to take KDE2.1 out of the goodies directory or remove
more Bibles-- I chose to remove KDE.  I hope this is ok.

We have TONS of new modules, THANKS CHRIS!

We should draft up an announcement, any takers?

Took all of Winfred Bader's modules off.  I still own you guys a report
from the OSIS meetings.

I'm off to bed.  Have fun and praise God!