[sword-devel] strongs numbering

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 09:01:08 -0700

The second number indicates morphology (tense, voice, mood, stem, etc.).
They were an extension to the Strong's numbers, probably done by Larry
Pierce.  I'm going to update the lexicons soon and will include these
additional numbers in the next version.

If you're wondering how to turn them on or off because you're having
trouble with them, you need to update the module to the most recent
version.  Then use the Morphology toggle to toggle them.  1.5.2 will
toggle Strong's and Morphology numbers independently.  1.4.7 will toggle
them together when you toggle Strong's numbers.


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> I have a question, that may have already been raised.  I was looking
up in
> Genesis some of the strongs Hebrew, the number associated (in the KJV
> Module)was 8764, but the highest number the strongs goes up to is
8674.  I
> then opened an older version of the sword (windows version 1.4.7b) and
> I
> am showing two sets of numbers, one that looks like <6711>(8764)
Where in
> the newer version of sword the <6711>, didn't show up at all.  When
> looking
> up 6711, in the strongs the number went with the word.  Could this be
> bug..., or have a missed something?
> Darren