[sword-devel] strongs numbering

Darren DeMeulenaere sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 06:24:25 -0700

I have a question, that may have already been raised.  I was looking up in
Genesis some of the strongs Hebrew, the number associated (in the KJV
Module)was 8764, but the highest number the strongs goes up to is 8674.  I
then opened an older version of the sword (windows version 1.4.7b) and now I
am showing two sets of numbers, one that looks like <6711>(8764)  Where in
the newer version of sword the <6711>, didn't show up at all.  When looking
up 6711, in the strongs the number went with the word.  Could this be a
bug..., or have a missed something?