[sword-devel] Some interesting statistics

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 22:25:14 +0200

I have another interesting statistic :)
It gives us the number of possible programmers for the Sword team.

->We could reach 3,076,549,000 native speaking people with a module in their 
->50% of them are able read
->20% of them have a computer
->50% are men (women do not use computers)
->2% of them are progammers
->20% of the programmers know C++
->1% of the programmers are christians
->1% of the christian programmers want to join the Sword team
->2% of them have enough time for this hard job

1.23 people are remaining after this difficult mathematical operation. After 
rounding it to an integer we get _one_ male christian programmer knowing C++ 
with enough time to work on Sword.

Troy, do you know who this programmer is?

PS: Sorry, I could not resist. I know the statistics are really 
unmathematical and they do not represent the real values and I had to use 
some preconceptions to get to one person.