[sword-devel] suggestion

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 16:57:39 -0700

Per this message and the one you sent to me privately...

I cannot release 1.5.2 as there are serious bugs that have nothing to do
with BibleCS.  BibleCS is how I'm testing my fixes, so it may appear the
work is being done on BibleCS, but most of the code changes are in the
libs.  The crashes are caused by the new unicode support in the libs. 
Unicode support was a quick hack that is being used by everyone and some
serious time had to go into 'fixing' the implementation.  Unicode is not
the only thing affected by the changes that had to go into supporting

Yes, we've said that we're planning on splitting the windows frontend
development from the libs.  1.7.x is the slated restructure branch.


Martin Gruner wrote:
> I suggest that -after 1.5.2- the development of the sword lib should become
> independent from the frontends. Releases should be made more often and not
> depending on release dates of the frontends (BibleCS and BibleTime).
> I created a sourceforge account for BibleCS (http://sf.net/projects/biblecs).
> You're free to use or reject it; imo it would be good to split the BibleCS
> development from the core lib development. This will be fruitful for both
> projects. Thus other people who want to contribute can start helping with
> parts of the project management and development and thereby support the
> people who already do much more than they can. (Troy ;)
> I'd be glad to help getting things set up for BibleCS and share the good
> experiences I made and things I learned with you. Maybe I can help with parts
> of the sf account management in future. If you want.
> Martin