[sword-devel] module format

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 14:57:03 -0700

> I've started packing some modules for Debian, but it's rather tedious 
> by hand (especially trying to extract the copyright from amongst 
> other info). I'm sure it could be automated, but the modules would 
> need to be standardised.
> At the moment different files are included in the module directory 
> depending on the modules, readmes, copyright stuff, ... 
> I would propose:
> (1) only 1 copy of <module>.conf - in mods.d (it's too confusing if 
> there is one in the module directory as well.)

I've been doing this for all new and updated modules, but I'll go
through and clean everything after 1.5.2 is out the door.

> (2)a separate directory doc/<module> where any extra documentation 
> for the module goes.
> (4)_only_ module data files go in the module directory 
> modules/<moduletype>/<moduledriver>/<module>

I assume you mean that docs go in
./modules/<moduletype>/<moduledriver>/<module>/doc/, right?  Can we put
any files in there?  Is this going to disrupt the InstallMgr, Troy?

I'm okay with placing any non-data files in a subdirectory to keep the
main directory clean, but I still want to be able to place files of any
name in there, like intro.txt, errata, <module>.doc, README, howto.txt,

> (3)a copyright directory where the copyright goes in a file 
> <module>
> (5)the copyright could also be a specific part of <module>.conf

Is necessary to have a directory, or could we JUST do it in a Copyright=
tag in <module>.conf as you suggest in (5) and Martin expands upon in
his reply?