[sword-devel] Sales and merchandising

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 14:43:54 -0700

I'm taking a short diversion from the usual software-realted discussions
here to talk a bit about some potential sales & merchandising avenues we
may wish to pursue.

First sales--

I don't know if accepting checks is a pain for Troy, but I know at least
some users would find other methods of payment simpler.  There are lots
of ways we could accept credit cards, including credit card services
like http://www.totalmerchantservices.com/default1.asp or (possibly much
simpler) setting up a PayPal account.  Being an eBay addict, I've become
quite partial to paying with PayPal whenever possible. :)  They're not
free, but I imagine users would be willing to pay a twenty cents more or
whatever they cost for the convenience.

Then merchadising--

This is a long shot, but I thought it might be cool for us to design
SWORD t-shirts.  There's a company that lets you upload graphics and
design shirts (of various types), mugs, & mousepads at
http://www.cafepress.com/cp/info/index.aspx.  You set your own price,
above a certain minimum, and take any profits above that minimum.

We could design just SWORD shirts or perhaps other Christian shirts and
sell them to pay for free CDs.  That way, the CDs Troy gives away don't
always come out of his pocket.  :)

PayPal also has a tip-jar service that you can put on your site if we
want to raise donations for handout CDs.

Just some ideas.  Feel free to cast stones or call me a moneychanger.