[sword-devel] Modules with morphological tags and headings

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 17:10:27 +0200

Hi Troy!

> Martin,
> 	This is already how it works.  You can ask swmgr what options are
> available and what choices are available for each option.  I didn't
> change any win32 option code when Chris added the morph stuff, but it
> showed up on the win32 menu.

You used the getOptionTip() function of SWFilter, right?
Sure, we could use it in BibleTime, too. But the problem is, that the message 
is in english and BibleTime supports multiple languages like German, Italian 
At the moment we implement everytime new support for every new filter type 
Chris or you add (morphTags, headings etc.).

Maybe we could implement this inanother way? I'm not aware of another way. 
Are you?

(Could we use i18n in Sword itself?)

Thank you for your time!