[sword-devel] Modules with morphological tags and headings

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 24 Jun 2001 21:54:57 +0200

> Yes, there are.  The ISV and Barry's soon to be released JB Philips
> translation both use GBFHeadings.  The LXXM and in-progress updates to
> Byz and NA27U4 use GBFMorph.
> I'm likely to add a GBFXref filter this week for an update to ISV.  I'll
> be breaking the GBF spec again to add <RX><Rx> and <RP><Rp> tag support
> identical to the way we handle <RF><Rf>.

Chris is there a way to create such a filter structure so that the app does 
not need to know which filters are available in sword?
The new optionFilter= structure seems to go into this direction. Is there a 
way for the app to look for the optionFilter= declaration and then create the 
fitting objects dynamically without knowing which are available in sword? 
Otherwise the filter specific code in the apps will always have to be changed 
when a new sword is released with new/changed filters?

If not yet possible, maybe a SWFilter* returnFilterForOption(char* option) 
would be appropriate? And how are the options in the filter handled? Should 
be the same, the app shouldn't need to know which options (e.g. "On", "Off") 
are available... Maybe a simple setActive(bool active) would be sufficient, 
especially with very specialized filters like the gbffootnotes filter?

Lets discuss this a bit. It would be good to create a future-safe solution