[sword-devel] 1.5.2

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 24 Jun 2001 12:00:23 -0700

> - I'm not sure when this started happening, or if it is just my PCs,
> all the modules set up to use the symbol font/encoding are
> not using the symbol font.

I don't know why this happens either.  I try updating all the Greek
modules to UTF-8 today.  Troy mentioned to me that we have problems with
incomplete Unicode support, e.g. no way to search.  Since it's not
really logical to search these Symbol modules anyway (which of you know
how to read/write Greek in Symbol?), I don't see a problem with
replacing them with UTF-8 versions.  That will clear up this problem.

> - Viewing Malachi 4 results in seeing commentary for Revelation of
John 4
> - Malachi 4:0 gives address violation

These have been present for a while and should go on the fixit list for

> - still giving address violation errors when attempting to show NT

The errors are non-fatal, so I would recommend postponing the fix until
> BHS (I understand you are still working on this Chris?)
>  - appearance of verse references in parentheses. First occurance is
> Genesis 32:32 where it reads: 32[ (Genesis 32:33)  ]

Ugh.  It looks like there's been a problem in vpl2mod for a very long
time, so I'll need to track that down and fix it.  I'm going through all
the modules today to find when it started and remaking all modules since
then with a fixed vpl2mod.

The verse refs in parentheses indicate that 2 or more verses have been
concatenated, which is correct.  The problem is that all but the last
verse are being clobbered.

There's another problem you can see here, in that Gen 32:33 should have
more than one word, but I have that bug fixed now.

> - Malachi 3:18 onwards seems to be repeated.

I don't know how to fix this.  It may be a front-end issue similar to
the garbage that gets printed in the NT for BHS & LXXM since the BHS has
no Malachi chapter 4.

> - A verse is displayed differently depending on whether it is selected
> not (word order reverses).

Very strange.  The highlighted form is the correct one.  No idea how to
fix this.

> - The text before a selected verse in a chapter is smaller in size
> the text of, and after a selected verse. (This went away
> after installing Code2000)

Fix: install Code2000 :)

> - Selecting text by dragging the mouse is freaky.

Not a bug.  The Hebrew is R to L, the rest is L to R.  If you pass a
boundary between Hebrew and non-Hebrew, such as the verse numbers, it
can be confusing, but it is acting correctly.

> - It would be nicer if verses were layed out right to left as well as
> words in the verse. (Or line breaks after each verse)

Agreed, but that should be put off until 1.5.3.  I could add paragraph
breaks after each verse, but I would rather add correctly placed line
breaks that reflect the format of the columns in the written text.  That
will require work on the front-ends for correct support.