[sword-devel] beta 1.5.2 WIN32 binary available

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 19 Jun 2001 15:23:35 +1200

When I Refresh from Remote Source, it now says
downloading 35040 of 0 (3504100%)

All files for "Murdock" were downloaded and installed perfectly.

For FinPR, The letter after "Phy" in the modules description "1938 PhyZ Raamattu" appears as a black block.

Sword Windows Frontend
"Hide/Show Modules" gave access violation. Situation: Install Manager was downloading the newer version of lxxm at the time, and had
removed the lxxm files from mods.d and modules directorires, but had not removed the empty modules\texts\rawtext\lxxm directory. The
list of selectable modules included LXXM without a description. Worked fine again once the download had completed.

I think that InstallMgr should remove the directory, and that Sword.exe should not include modules that it can't find a .conf file

LXXM Module
Empty Morphological Tags are showing. e.g. Genesis 1:1-2 (Not sure how this will appear in your email client.)
1??() ????(1 DSF) ????????(AI AAI3S) ?(A NSM) ????(2 NSM) ???(A ASM) ???????(2 ASM) ???() ???(A ASF) ???(1 ASF) 2?(A NSF) ??() ??(1
NSF) ??(9 IAI3S) ???????(1B NSM) ???() ??????????????() ???() ??????(3E NSN) ?????() ???(A GSF) ???????(2 GSF) ???() ??????(3M NSN)
????(2 GSM) ?????????(1I IMI3S) ?????() ???(A GSN) ??????(3T GSN)

(Is this related to the GBFRTF problem you mentioned Chris?)

BTW - Is there some reference to what these tags mean?

Stephen Denne.