[sword-devel] beta 1.5.2 WIN32 binary available

sword-devel@crosswire.org sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 09:14:54 -0700

> OK, new InstallMgr.exe binary available.  I switched over to the
> Jedi-Indy project FTP component.  It's included in Kylix also and we
> were havin' troubles with the current FTP component anyway.  So, tell me
> if ya have any troubles with remote installs, please:

Nice to hear we are trying a new FTP component. I tried out the new
InstallMgr and I noticed a few things:
1) When installing a locked module the keys don't work.
2) When noticing that my keys don't work I try to cancel install and it
cancels but does not uninstall the module
3) Modules do not seem to be downloading right. I tried several bible texts
and thay all don't seem to appear in the Sword frontend. It also only
downloads 3 of 3, when the old installmgr installs 7 of 7. I hope this makes

> I have no idea why it finds the correct font on some of your boxes.  I
> was wondering how it found the correct font EVER, but Chris assures me
> that windoze is 'smart' ;)

I guess my Windoze at home is 'stupid' :) It looks like my font selction
options will be a blessing for those who use 'stupid' windoze boxes, and who
want to view unicode texts.

> I also commit some stuff to CVS on BibleCS that conditionally uses the
> new RTF component.  If we can't get it stable soon, we'll have to
> release with USEOLDRTF defined until we can come up with a solution.
> Shouldn't mess things up for ya, but just wanted to give ya a heads up.

Thanks for the update. I will keep that in mind next time I update my

In Christ,
David Trotz