[sword-devel] new WIN32 binary

David Trotz (Integrity Online) sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 12 Jun 2001 12:10:33 -0700

> I'm REALLY not getting right-click menus.  I reinstalled fresh on a new
> computer as follows: sword-1.4.7a installer, added locales.zip contents,
> added new sword.exe & InstallMgr.exe, installed LXXM, ran Sword, no
> context menu.

I have tested it on two Machines one is Windows NT w/service Pack 6 and the
other has Windows 95 OSR/2. I haven't been able to reproduce this myself. Is
it within a certain module? Do all the views no give you a right click menu
or only the Bible view? Troy mentioned something about IE 4 installing the
needed components, are you using an older release of IE? Maybe it is new
enough to support the view but not new enough to include right click
support. A long shot I know but it is really strange you can't get a context

> It's also still cutting off the first letter of the Morph tags.  (e.g.
> it is given "(CONJ)" and it prints "(ONJ)".)  I know GBFMorph is working
> and I'm pretty sure GBFRTF still handles the tags correctly.  Did you
> update from CVS since I uploaded gbfmorph.h? (just a shot in the dark)

I get this too.

> Morph should print morphology tags for each Greek word.  The "en" that
> starts Gen 1:1 should be followed by (PREP) indicating that it is a
> preposition.

Gotcha, but don't you mean hebrew in that example? :) I was wondering what
this morph thing was. I thought it was some type of converter from Unicode
to ASCII or something. Thanks for the info.

> Garbage in the NT isn't a problem with the LXXM.  There are no NT files,
> so it's either a bug in the Sword library or the front-end.

I figured there were no NT references since the old testament is on the
hebrew side of things and the new in the greek, but I thought maybe the
module was the problem. It makes more sense now that I think about it that
the software is the problem.

With all of these new enhancements, is anyone going to update the help
files? Where are they kept? Who maintains them? I am willing to help with
some of the updates if anyone needs it.