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Thu, 19 Jul 2001 19:32:03 +0100

Hi Martin and Joachim ........

On 19 Jul 2001, at 17:21, Martin Gruner wrote:
> the Bible is the first thing to agree on. I suggest to consider the Chicago
> Declaration of Bible Inerrancy (the first one of the 3 declarations).

It's precisely what *some* might mean by "Bible Inerrancy" that does 
worry me.

> No. This is too easy. Imo problems arose when people started to put their
> own thoughts (may it be philosophical or otherwise) above what the bible
> says. 

This is *exactly* what my dearly beloved Christadelphian friends say.  
They are completely and absolutely devoted to Bible Inerrancy (second 
only to God - and they are seven day (literal) creationists.  I can cope 
with that, even though I differ from their understanding.  But they are also 
Unitarians because (they say) this is a late, man made doctrine and is 
not supported by the Bible.

Please try and discuss the Bible with a Christadelphian - they are 
sincere, wonderful Christians IMO - even though as a Trinitarian I 
disagree with them on some points.  It is through working closely with 
them for some months that I am firmly of the opinion that statements of 
faith can be trouble with a big T.  BTW - the JW's as far as I know split 
from the Chistadelphians in the early days (am I right?) and they claim to 
be Bible Inerrancists too!

Sorry - I don't want to seem critical, but am in the process of working to 
form a local ecumenical partnership in our area God can be witnessed by 
one church rather than a lot of competing groups.  It's tough - and the 
last thing we need there are statements of faith that cause argument.

I'm a fairly moderat liberal charismatic Christian, and I'm working closely 
with a conservatinve evangelical Pentecostal Pastor.  We agree on most 
things - and we all have the same Bible and the same God and the same 
Lord Jesus Christ - and for us that is something that unites when we pray 
and worship together.  

Since I mentioned the Trinity - I'd like to suggest that you, I and maybe 
all the members of this list have slightly varying ideas as to *exactly* 
what the Trinity is and means - to my mind that's fine, as long as you 
don't try to force me to agree with your view and vice versa.  Wars have 
been fought over less!

With love,


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