[sword-devel] New project - interlinear Hebrew/LXX/KJV/gloss & Greek/KJV/gloss

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 14 Jul 2001 22:48:45 -0700

Let me add Brenton's English translation of the LXX to my preceding
list.  The edition we have now is "copyright" by MAPS even though it's
just a verbatim electronic edition of the 1851 print edition I have
sitting on my shelf (no changes are made in markup, versification, or
other).  There is an edition in the making at CCEL which we'll be able
to use, though it is missing the Apocrypha just like MAPS.  (People,
come join me at
http://www.ccel.org/php/stats.php?authorID=brenton&bookID=lxx and let's
give Harry & CCEL a hand.)

> Maybe the application which will be created for project eL can be used
> extended to fit our needs?

That's what I was thinking, but I haven't seen anyone step forward to
work on it.  I would, but I have zero knowledge of AWT, Swing, or
interfacing with a DB and very minimal knowledge of Java in general.  I
might look into doing something with PHP though since it seems like it
could handle some of the requirements.
> One thought. I am not sure if creating one huge interlinear text would
> the
> best solution. Maybe there's another way: Troy was talking about
> syncronization keys for modules which should be implemented in future.
> Maybe
> there is a way to add metainformation to the sword modules (with this
> like interface you mentioned) that would enable us to align the
> interlinear on-the-fly, when displaying them?

You're definitely right that smaller texts containing a single
translation would be a better idea as long as they could be aligned by
the engine.  I can't find the discussion where Troy described OLKeys and
I can't remember much about them.  Could someone refresh my memory?

I think it's easy to align the texts so long as the same OLKey or
Strong's number or whatever the alignment criterion is never occurs in
the same verse.  Of course, this happens very frequently, so a little
more thought will have to go into this.

> -other modules / languages / countries could benefit from it

I had figured that once a KJV was integrated, all the other Strong's
marked texts could be added rather easily, but I'm not certain of their
copyright status so I didn't want to include them in this project.

> -don't know if it's possible
> -don't know if this is what the synchronization keys are for

Neither do I, but I hope & think so.