[bt-devel] Re: [sword-devel] Naming Conventions and other stuff to know

Jonathan Hughes sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 12:55:41 -0700

Hey Everyone,

    Jerry makes a good point, however all that needs to be done is change
those names in the BibleCS program before we launch the website and maybe
have a glossary so that old users will have a clue. I know that David Trotz
has even said that he has a contact that will do a new splash screen for
BibleCS once we have a name glued down. So once we agree on the naming
conventions then we just need to change the things that have the 'wrong'

In Christ,

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> Jonathan, thanks for posting this info. You may want to add a glossary to
> the web site that includes this and also all those terms that pop up in
> this list--GPL, CVS and what have you.
> >'BibleCS'- This is the name of The Sword Project's win32 front-end. Why?
> >Because that is what the developers call it and so there is no reason
> >users can't call it the same thing.
> On the other hand, BibleCS seems to be an in house name. The program when
> you run it does not convey that name. The Icon says "The SWORD Project".
> The window title says "The SWORD Project". And Help/About says "The SWORD
> Project". I have not been fond of this because it is confusing when "The
> SWORD Project" is so much more. But, as long as the program refers to
> itself this way and in no other way, I think users will find help files
> web pages that refer to a BibleCS confusing.
> I think that If BibleCS is going to be the public name, then the icon,
> window title and help/about should be changed to reflect it.
> >     I hope I have not presumed anything, or stepped on people's toes but
> >what do people think of this naming convention.
> No problem here. I can work with that. I just want to get it right before
> edit all those help topics.
> >these are the names I used
> >on the new Sword website, so it would take sometime to change them if I
> >to. :)
> Likewise!
> >I would especially like feedback from Troy because he is the Sword
> >Project Leader. Whatever we decide lets decide it soon and not drag it
> >out.
> Amen to that.
> Jerry