[sword-devel] apocrypha

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 7 Jul 2001 20:00:45 -0700

> How about including more of canon.h & locales into the module, maybe into
> module.conf, or in a new file with a format conducive to loading it in and
> using it... so that each module gets to specify it's book ordering,
> chapters per book, verses per chapter, original book name, sword project
> unique book number) This could be designed to work with any kind of book.

Book ordering was covered in my last comment.  I definitely think we should do that.

Chapters per book and verses per chapter would both be handled when we go back to using cps & bks files, as we're planning (at least for modules that vary from the KJV).  We might be wise to do 3 or 4 "standard" versifications that occur repeatedly.

By "original book name" I assume you're talking about the localized name, right?  I sort of think we should leave the book name up to the users, so they can choose the text's localized book names or their own default locale's book names.  It would just require that we create locales for the texts and check the Lang= attribute in the .conf files.  And if no locale exists for the given text, we revert to the user's default.

It wouldn't really change things enough to allow module creators to make any kind of book, but it would cover Bibles pretty thoroughly.

For general books, Troy had an idea of a TreeKey class where books are arranged in a self-specified hierarchy.  That would permit references like "Ant. 1.1.1" or "1Enoch 1:1" to be used much as "Gen 1:1" would be in a Bible.