[sword-devel] New Sword Website: It's happening...

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 6 Jul 2001 14:32:06 +0100

great :)
I'd like to help with the module serving part (ModDisp.jsp) to see if it 
can serve zip files, gzipped files, rpm, deb, and windows exe so that 
install managers can have a good choice of what to get.

unfortunately I don't know anything about jsp's, who is working on 


On 3 Jul 2001, at 17:35, Jonathan Hughes sent forth the message:

> Hey Everyone,
>     Well after much, much delay I have finally found the time to work on the new
> sword website. I have been working extensively this week so I have most of the
> general content done. I just wanted to thank the people that helped us get this
> far, especially Don who did a great job on the layout and design! Anyways I will
> be needing help in the near future with programming some of the dynamic content
> so if that peaks your interest I will be sending something about that in the
> near future. Also be ready for lots of questions to the mailing list.
>     In a week or so I will also be announcing the need for people to check
> out the new website before we make it live for the public. So things are
> happening, watch out for all of this!
> Very Excitedly In Christ,
> Jonathan
> jhughes@crosswire.org

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