[sword-devel] intro + testing programs

rayden sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 5 Jul 2001 15:27:42 +0100

> Definitely! You could try porting the sword lib to Psion.

ok.  i'll give it a go, and see what happens!

> Definitely interested too.
> But IMO for bibles there are different ways of storing information in the
> index, esp. using bitmaps for large search results (1bit = 1verse) that
> easily be combined with logical operators (AND, OR etc...).
> This will need some discussion and input from the others, but that is
> something you could work on! But let's start with the compression.

ok.  i'll download the source, and put it in.  should, in theory, work.

i'll try it out.

>Imo sword
> has an architecture open for different compression algorithms, so
> your algorithm should be rather easy...

good... makes my job a LOT easier. lol.

> >   ps, does your c++ compiler support assembly sub-routines.  some don't
> Because sword does run on different architectures you cannot use assembler
> code. Well written c++ code and a good compiler should be almost as

doh!  forgot that.  it's not that much of a problem, i'll translate to c++
(gives me a chance to  do some more work on my c++ code anyhow!

> Martin
> P.S. please turn off HTML in emails. Thank you.

oops.  sorry.  didn't realise it was still on!

yours in christ,

rayden (aka chris)