[sword-devel] intro + testing programs

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 5 Jul 2001 15:56:46 +0200

Hi rayden,

>   >It should be possible to use sword (with the most important
>   >modules) on handheld devices which have very low space.
>   in theory, yes, it is possible.  i'm working on getting a bible program
> on my psion V.  not sword, and therefore causes problems (such as being
> written for the particular processor, doh!.  and it's a commercial
> application.), but, it's well on the way.  i could take a look at the
> possibilities of it working for psion's if you like.  let me know...

Definitely! You could try porting the sword lib to Psion.

>   i think it's called subtractive index referencing, and i'll try it out on
> a lexicon, and see how quick it is.  the theory is good, as you only need
> to do a search for one letter at a time, and find the first and last of it.
>  could build and index of the first three letter combinations (17,576
> references, start and end as one ref).  not realtime, tho.  could work on
> that.

Definitely interested too.
But IMO for bibles there are different ways of storing information in the 
index, esp. using bitmaps for large search results (1bit = 1verse) that can 
easily be combined with logical operators (AND, OR etc...).
This will need some discussion and input from the others, but that is 
something you could work on! But let's start with the compression. Imo sword 
has an architecture open for different compression algorithms, so integrating 
your algorithm should be rather easy...

>   ps, does your c++ compiler support assembly sub-routines.  some don't

Because sword does run on different architectures you cannot use assembler 
code. Well written c++ code and a good compiler should be almost as fast...


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