[sword-devel] Testing Programs...

David Overcash sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 4 Jul 2001 08:10:24 -0500

Hey all,
I am wondering if we are going to be testing our future software possibly
within the public.  The reason being, rather than our wasting time finding
tiny errors and such, we could hold a 'beta test' and give the software to
around 1000 people or so, and tell them to report any tiny bug they see to
the bugs forum on sourceforge.  This way we could not only get feedback on
how people like the program, but we could spend even more time working on
the project, setting up a website, developing frontends, and so on...

I know troy is handing out software this week at cornerstone festival, and I
am SO excited, except for the fact I didn't get to go. :)  I only wish I
could do the same, as soon as I get a burner (I must be the most deprived
programmer, not having a burner) I am gonna do just what he is doing.  And
on the CD I will add a "READTHIS.txt" explaining to please report any bugs
or problems to the cvs site.

Tell me what you all think...

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