[sword-devel] Cool idea: Commercial Linux /Windows Bible program based on Sword

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 21:36:28 +0100

I had a cool idea I want to share with you (at leat IMHO is cool ;)

At the moment we have the problem, that Bible societies won't give us their 
texts for Sword.
I think it's too unsecure for them to give them to OpenSource programs, 
because the security system can be removed by everybody.

In a closed source application this is not true, it's a program like OLB, 
Bible Workshop or another commonly used Bible application.
The security systems can't be removed (only by good crackers), the texts can 
be encrypted with good algorithms.

For this solution we need a commercial Bible program, if it's possible for 
almost all plattforms the same program.
My solution for this would be to put Sword under LGPL, program a good Bible 
study program and sell the program.
The price should be enough to cover the expenses for module licenses etc., 
but it shouldn't by high.
Only the commercial modules will be sold, the modules without copyright will 
be free.

This would be the first cross-plattform application, which runs on WIndows / 
Linux / Mac (?) etc, which is cheap, has lots of freely available modules and 
which supports the copyrighted modules.

What do you think?

Joachim Ansorg
BibleTime - www.bibletime.de - info@bibletime.de
BibleTime is an easy to use Bible study tool for KDE / Linux.