[sword-devel] Sword Newbie

Peter Snoek sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 20:05:18 +0100

Hi David

good question...
I dropped in here a few weeks ago. I managed to connect myself to the
CVS server and downloaded the stuff in there. (I tried to wrote a
about it).

And thats where I am now. I have both Delphi 5 Enterprise and CBuilder 5
(no experience with C though). I am too looking for some general
architecture, wish-list, status list or whatever.

Is there anyone in here who's got this documents?
Or can we find em somewhere in the CVS?

Peter Snoek - The Netherlands

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> Hi! I've just joined the Sword developer forum and I'm interested in
> helping out with a Java version of Sword. I have a few questions that
> perhaps someone could help me with.
> (1). what is the functionality that sword is trying to provide? Is there
> are requirements document or a list of desired functions somewhere?
> (2). what is the architecture/design that is being followed? Is there a
> spec or a description of the current implementation? Is there any
> documentation on the file formats?
> I'm keen to help out with the Java version of Sword, I am an experienced
> Java developer (last 4 years in enterprise and web development). Is anyone
> heading up this development? Troy put me on to the CVS server where there
> is the beginnings of a port of the C++ code to Java - but it looks like
> there is a lot to be done..?
> By the way, is there an online archive somewhere of this forum so I don't
> have to ask silly questions that have already been answered?
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