[sword-devel] New CD ISO, binaries, misc. stuff

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 05:23:00 -0700


There is a new CD ISO on the site.  If you have the capacity, please
download the iso, burn a CD and try it out.  Let me know if there are
any nuances in your particular environment.  I plan to test on RedHat
6.2, 7.0, Windows NT, and 98.  Testing on other platforms is highly
valued!  Thanks for all the hard work that went into this latest



There are new Windows binaries available on the CD in the BETA
directory, and also on the alpha site:


This hasn't changed much feature-wise to the last test release, but
should be much more stable.  You'll still need the locales.zip in this
directory if you are testing over a pre 1.5.0 install.  There is also a
new InstallMgr.exe in this directory that made it onto the CD.  It
transfers in passive mode allow more people access over firewalls,
should be much more stable, and handles our new Category= entry for the
newer modules.


There was some discussion on the list a few weeks back about banding a
team to review modules.  In case anyone hasn't noticed, we're now
placing our new modules initially in a section entitled something like:
Cults, Unorthodox, or Not Yet Reviewed.  If you feel gifted in orthodox
apologetics/discernment, please post your feedback on any modules that
are in this section and we'll see if this is a good way to decide what
gets promoted out.  If the traffic gets too high, we'll see about
opening a newsgroup on our news server.  I've asked a few local experts
to also give us their advice:

	Paul Scozzafava	- Apologetics Professor, Calvary Chapel School of
Ministry, NM
	Dennis Wretlind, Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Languages, Phoenix
		(yet to commit)

This will give all you pastors and theologians out there a much needed
area in which to participate.

Thanks again!  Lots of stuff is moving right along these day.  It's hard
to keep up.  

Remembering the _extreme Grace_ that brought the _Perfect God_ to die a
_terrible death_, all for such _an enemy_ as me.  Now those are
extremes!  Phil II.; Romans V.  :)