[sword-devel] Sword VC++ DLL

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 8 Feb 2001 11:19:42 -0800

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> You the man, Chris!  (Ofcourse, I don't actually know your a man.  Its a
> little biased of me to say that.  You could be an extremely
> intelligent and
> geeky girl. I mean, my wife's name is Chris, but she hates
> computers.)  At
> anyrate I'm super appreciative of your labor.

Don't forget, Todd Shirey and Troy are also the man.  :)  Without Todd's
pioneering of SWORD VC++ stuff I wouldn't have had a clue where to start.
(VC++ kinda scares me, honestly, just because it has so many little random
places to stuff variables.)  And without Troy's ideas & support in #sword it
would have taken me much longer, assuming I could have finished at all.

Anyway, on to the CE issue.  As I've mentioned to some in private, getting a
buildable CE release is going to require that I use a commercial library
(Dinkum Abridged Library for Windows CE), which I cannot redistribute.  Some
time in the future, maybe we can roll our own replacements to this library,
but for the moment I'm just going to use it to get us a little closer to our

This raises the issue of licenses.  I can release all of the source code I
work on (anything not from Dinkumware).  And I can release .libs and .dlls
so others can build apps for CE.  But I can't actually release anything that
is fully compilable because it would need to link against Dinkumware's
library.  Is there any way to reconcile this with SWORD being under GPL?
Would Crosswire have to license SWORD to me specifically under a non-GPL
license, allowing CE .libs and .dlls to be released without full source?

Kirt, your prototyping work sounds cool.  I get the impression that your CE
expertise is going to come in handy once we can get the library itself onto