[sword-devel] STEP modules - back from the dead

Trandahl, Steve sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 05:04:05 -0800

	Sorry I haven't been in touch since this last email.  I was hoping
I'd have more time to review my code and provide a "readme" of some kind
before sending it to you.  I have it ZIPped up (minus any readme file) and
can send it any time.  Should I post the email with the attachment to this
list, or send it to you at some other address?  Are you still interested
since it's been a couple of months since my last post?

	I am researching compiling under Linux and I believe I will be able
to do so very soon.  I want to be able to compare the output of different
modules so that I can see if I am outputting the text in a format SWORD can
understand.  However, I'm not at all clear on where development stands.
Where are you at this point and how can I help?  Where are your modules and
what are they called?

Steve Trandahl

> >         I am still interested.  The RTF parsing might 
> actually be a good
> > thing to work on since I don't think I'll have to compile 
> all of SWORD.  I
> > did do some research on the verse indexing in STEP.  I 
> don't think it was
> > that complicated.  I have some very simple c programs that 
> are probably
> > similar to your stepdump.  One of them might parse the index file.
> > I can email you what I've got
> Steve,
> I'd love to see what you have.
> >, or I could try to set up cvs on my system.


> Well, check out the filter in sword/src/modules/filters/
> They are pretty straight forward and ugly-- speed over 
> maintainablility
> for these guys.  They bear a big load for the engine.  Profiling shows
> most time spent here, usually.
> If you'd rather work on the STEP Bible indexing, let's email more.
> 	-Troy.