[sword-devel] Why I think there should be a Sword 1.5.4

Geoffrey W Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 24 Dec 2001 15:30:02 -0800

On Sat, 22 Dec 2001 16:39:03 -0800 "Chris Little" <chrislit@chiasma.org>

I have also added a wish list at the end.

> I get the impression that our users and front end authors would
> appreciate a 1.5.3 release to be sooner rather than later,

I agree. There are some nice changes that have been made that the end
user (like myself would be able to use now.

> 2) general book support 
>It is the single most noticeable  feature that is missing from Sword but
present in almost every >other Bible software package (OLB, Logos,
e-Sword, ...).  

This would be great to have as soon as possible.

> 8) search on (currently) stripped items
> Currently, Strong's numbers, morph tags, etc. are stripped out for
> searches.  There are of course circumstances where a person would
> explicitly want to search for a given morph tag or Strong's number, 
> so we should make sure a facility for this exists.

Not being a programmer I am not sure what you are referring to. In Sword
for windows I can search for the strongs numbers by just inputting the
strongs number in the search window. (You have to search the KJV with

> Add to the list if you think there are any other items that are
> important to have in Sword BEFORE 1.6. 
> --Chris

I would love to see a release now of what ever has been done already.
Then I would like to see the following User oriented changes made for the
windows version.

1. Ability to share personal notes. (import and export). 
2. The ability to set up TOPICS. If you are familiar with OLB you will
know how nice this is for keeping studies on different doctrines or
concepts for easy reference.
3. The ability to create verse lists. As the program is now we have to
make a place in Personal notes for any topics or verse lists to be kept.
4. Still very much need a safety to keep from deleting valuable Personal
5. The ability to send the results from the search window to the
clipboard or printer. This would be probably the most often used function
of this wish list by those teaching. It would be even better if a person
could select out of the list the specific verses to send to the clipboard
say by holding down the cntrl key or some other method.
6. A nice user feature would be to have the searched for word be
highlighted in the list. 
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