[bt-devel] Re: [sword-devel] InstallMgr

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 24 Dec 2001 15:30:41 -0800

> > Would definitely be a good idea.
> > Others:
> > -create sword.conf
> > -install to ~/.sword or different places
> > -edit config files (set unlock key etc).
> > -i18n(), maybe using sword's capabilities?
> > 
> > later:
> > -sync edited modules with those on crosswire for people who are 
> > allowed to do
> How about some sort of flag to indicate when a local module 
> has been updated at the repository.  

Meaning?  InstallMgr already identifies when a module that you have
installed has an update in the repository based on the version number.
> I think in the long run it probably would be a good idea to 
> support encrypted transmission like ssh the way sourceforge 
> does for the repository.

Why?  If you're interested in hiding the content of the transfers
because of government persecution of Christians in some countries, I
think the US has cryptographic export restrictions for most of those
same countries.