[sword-devel] FTP access

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 21:34:45 +0100

We plan such a thing for the next BibleTime release (1.2, no started yet).

Maybe we should make it possible to create a single app of this.


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> > On Saturday 15 December 2001 14:07, Chris Little wrote:
> > > And if you're using Linux... well, work on the port I guess. :)
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> > You might begin to see why a specific client for the job may
> > not be as high a
> > priority as for Windows. (-:
> It's not a necessity, of course, but an InstallMgr port would make
> module installation simpler for most users, who don't want to invest the
> time into learning how to configure their ftp client to recognize date
> changes.  And it's specific to the task, so it's customized to read the
> .conf files & know a fair amount of info about each file besides merely
> the date of creation.  So, true, it's not a necessity, but I think it
> would be really nice. :)
> --Chris