[sword-devel] DRM entries in .conf files

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 22:37:07 -0800

I'd like to propose the addition of some new entries for .conf files,
relating to copyright and digital rights management (DRM).  They would
just be informational, and the front-end would have the option to enfore
them or not (just like Adobe does with PDF's DRM).  And this is just an
initial proposal, so please make suggestions if you see better solutions
or additional problems.

First I propose 4 copyright information entries:
"CopyrightHolder" to hold the identity of the copyright holder.
"CopyrightDate" to hold the year of copyright.
"License" to hold general license identification.  Valid values would be
Public Domain, Freely Distributable, Non-Commercial Use, Permission
Granted to CrossWire, Locked, etc.
"TextSource" to hold electronic edition source identification, such as a
website, program, or individual.

Second I propose a set of DRM entries:
"DRMPermissions" to identify what permissions are to be granted to the
user, according to a standard format, easily parsed by a program.  The
permissions I can think of are: read, write, & print.  We should also
make allowances for verse-based limits.  I propose the following a
syntax such as "P500W0", meaning the user may Print up to 500 verses,
Read unlimited verses (since it is unspecified), and Write no verses.
"DRMWriteKey", "DRMPrintKey", "DRMReadKey" would contain encrypted
passwords (I propose using Unix crypt() to generate them) for each of
the DRM permissions-related operations.  Thus, a user could be prompted
to provide a password in order to print/write to/read a module.