[sword-devel] conversations with Stallman

Mike Dougherty sword-devel@crosswire.org
20 Dec 2001 22:11:47 -0800

On Thu, 2001-12-20 at 16:42, Jerry Kreps wrote:
> On Thursday 20 December 2001 13:20, Lutz, Tom wrote:
> > I know that we're not missing the main idea but I can't resist...
> >
> > What do we think the main populace of Bible software users (basic
> > or advanced) will be working on, Windows of Linux?  Clearly, today,
> > it's Windows.  I don't see this changing too much in the near
> > future and wouldn't develop for something other than Windows for
> > Bible software because of it.
> What? No vision?  Paradigm shifts happen suddenly, with little 
> warning.  The Windows ---> Linux paradigm shift is on the cusp now.  
> If you want to ride the wave when the tsunami hits, now is the time 
> to prepare.  Besides, Tom, when you use a wiget set like QT you have 
> the best of both worlds.  Your work with C++ and the QT toolkit is 
> cross platform.  That's why you see so many QT apps underdevelopment 
> that have executables for both Linux and WIndows.   Now, what do you 
> think is going to happen when people find these neat QT based apps 
> and realize that they can run the same app on a Linux distro like 
> SuSE 7.3 for a fraction of the costs of XP and combine that with the 
> realization that SuSE 7.3 or Mandrake 8.1 installs easier that XP, is 
> much more stable and extremly more secure?

Being new to the C++ world I have no idea what QT is? I know what JFC
(Swing) is, and I know that it's cross platform.

> Global floods happen!  ;-)

Not anymore. We've been promised. But the sentiment wasn't lost ;-).


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