[sword-devel] conversations with Stallman

Jerry Kreps sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 18:42:29 -0600

On Thursday 20 December 2001 13:20, Lutz, Tom wrote:
> I know that we're not missing the main idea but I can't resist...
> What do we think the main populace of Bible software users (basic
> or advanced) will be working on, Windows of Linux?  Clearly, today,
> it's Windows.  I don't see this changing too much in the near
> future and wouldn't develop for something other than Windows for
> Bible software because of it.

What? No vision?  Paradigm shifts happen suddenly, with little 
warning.  The Windows ---> Linux paradigm shift is on the cusp now.  
If you want to ride the wave when the tsunami hits, now is the time 
to prepare.  Besides, Tom, when you use a wiget set like QT you have 
the best of both worlds.  Your work with C++ and the QT toolkit is 
cross platform.  That's why you see so many QT apps underdevelopment 
that have executables for both Linux and WIndows.   Now, what do you 
think is going to happen when people find these neat QT based apps 
and realize that they can run the same app on a Linux distro like 
SuSE 7.3 for a fraction of the costs of XP and combine that with the 
realization that SuSE 7.3 or Mandrake 8.1 installs easier that XP, is 
much more stable and extremly more secure?

Global floods happen!  ;-)
Jerry (the older)

> How to reach the most people: go where they are and today that's
> Windows.
> Tom