[sword-devel] conversations with Stallman

John Gardner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 08:55:49 -0800

I have often compared Stallman to socialism.  While I think there are
practical benefits to the O.S. movement, I believe their is an ideology or
better a philosophy that tends to undergird it which is unbiblical, that is,
to own something is wrong.  The socialist view is very analogous to an ant
colony or bee hive.  Each ant or bee means nothing it only the nest or hive
that is important.  This view stems from its evolutionary roots.  If we are
just evolved then as individuals we mean nothing it is only our contribution
to the whole that has any significance.   It is an argument but it is in
reality false.  If we are just evolved then as individuals or as a
"collective" we still are nothing and it means nothing.  There is no hope.

Now if we are created in the image of God...

Good article appreciate the boldness you had with Stallman.

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> On Thursday 20 December 2001 02:16, Timothy R. Butler wrote:
> >> RMS has abruptly ceased conversing with
> >> me and with a number of other individuals at various times at the point
> >> of discovering that the conversee was a serious Christian, and more
> >> particularly a creationist.
> > Mind if I ask how you ever managed to start
> > conversing about creationism with RMS?
> The details are a bit fuzzy (but I could search my archives if
> needed) in my
> memory. The conversation started on digital topics, then RMS made
> an invalid
> parallel between evolution and something he was doing (ie, the
> parallel was
> based on a known-false evolutionary assumption), I pointed out
> the flaw in
> the assumption and proposed a better parallel based on design, and got a
> response along the lines of ``you don't really believe that, do
> you?'' which
> of course invited a ``yes'' with examples. Silence.
> > The closest I ever got was wishing
> > him a happy Easter one time I was corresponding with him, he
> really didn't
> > say anything either way about that.
> He'd regard it as a social nicety rather than a policy statement.
> Much like
> people often say ``Wow!'' without intending to invoke Satan (Wow
> is one of
> Satan's many names).
> Cheers; Leon