[sword-devel] GNU and OS ideologies and indulgences

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I see where he is called Paul but have failed to find a reference to God
renaming him. The People's New Testament Commentary [handily available for a
rather excellent Bible study program I know of :) ] says :

Acts 13:913:9 #Ac 13:9    But Saul, (who also [is called] Paul). From this
date he is the chief figure of the Acts. Barnabas, who had hitherto been the
leader, falls behind. The origin of the name Paul is unknown. It is a Roman
name, that of a great Roman family, and it is likely that the great apostle
had two names, one Jewish, the other Gentile, a common thing anciently.

Which is the explanation I would tend to go for. However I have heard the
'renamed by God' approach from so many people that I am always keen to see
people's perspective on it. I am beginning to think it is 'an urban legend'
as such.

Any thoughts?



P.S. Well it mentioned Sword. At least half a sentence was on topic.
P.P.S. My email address is kfm@awakezion.com if you feel this is too
hideously off-topic to continue on the sword list!
P.P.P.S God Bless!

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I have taken all responses off line except this one since is is likely less

The first reference is Acts 13:9 to Shaul being also called Paulos.
Interestingly enough in 13:3 the Holy Spirit calls him Shaul.


> Hi,
> This is completely off-topic but I will ask anyway :-)
> Can you tell me where your scriptual reference for the Paul being renamed
> God argument is?
> I have often been told this but have never found anything in the Bible to
> back it up.
> Am I missing it somewhere?
> Regards
> Kevin
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> > Rabbi Shaul,
> > although Paul is also legitemate.
>   Although, wouldn't it be *incorrect* to refer to Paul as Rabbi Shaul
> (Saul), after he was renamed by God? Looking at my Greek Bible (some odd
> verison, and also the UBS/Nestle-Aland 26th), I can see that Paul's name
> checked a few of the Epistles) is Paulos, not Saul or Shaul.
> > Likewise you probably know that Jesus is
> > a modern translation of Yeshua,
>     You have a better point on this one. I'd be half way inclined to
> translate it that way - but then again, you have to ask yourself this -
> should you go with the proper Hebrew and Greek names in the Bible, or the
> more familiar names that will make the Bible the most accessible?
>   -Tim
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