[sword-devel] New & updated modules

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 16 Dec 2001 02:33:48 -0800

> > Hitchcocks
> This still has a problem in Windows version: scrolling 
> through the list of words stops at CHELAL, SHAPHAM, and 
> SHILIOH (It use to jump around from J words to I words)
> Is the order of entries in the file (not only the index) 
> these words work fine though.

This completely baffles me.  Troy says the write interface does
alphabetization for me.  I remade it, doing my own alphabetizing, and
now it seems to work.
> > Murdock    (adds Philemon, which was missing)
> Looks fine. I did spot a new problem, but it appears in other 
> modules too - clicking the up arrow to go to the next chapter 
> when III John 1 is the current chapter sometimes decides to 
> try and show III John 2, then Revelations (both icu and 
> non-icu sword for windows versions)

Strange.  Not a module bug, but we'll add it to the list.

> > TSK        (no longer ugly & useless)
> Beautiful, but...
> I don't get the correct verse list in the popup for a lot of the verse
> lists:

I guess the parser didn't like my commas, so they're replaced with
> Deuteronomy 1:1 shows tiny rtf codes (in -icu version, works 
> fine in non-icu
> version)

Also fixed.  I hadn't closed a number of scripRefs.

> The offset required the further down the entry the mouse is 
> clicked is also more apparent when the commentary text is 
> basically a list of verse lists.

This should go away when we move to HTML rendering.
> > Abbott     (a nice little NT commentary that I haven't seen 
> in any other
> > software)
> This has some rather ambitious verse references
> Romans 8:1
> On the supposition that the #last part of the last chapter| 
> describes the hopeless ...
> I Thessalonians 3:1
> To be left at Athens. It would seem from #this and the 
> following verses|, that Timothy ...
> Anyone keen on writing the code to translate that? I do 
> appreciate that someone has taken the trouble to identify 
> which bits of the text are scripture references; Did whoever 
> did that also include verse references in a mode more suited 
> to getting a computer to look them up?

The scripRef tags actually have the verses referred to, but BibleCS
doesn't do anything with scripRefs except convert them to #/| pairs.
Again... HTML rendering should solve this. :)  I'd bet that GnomeSword &
BibleTime handle them fine.
> > CBC        (the Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia)
> This has a blank entry for A


> Can verse references be merged? eg
> ...(#Genesis 12:1-4|; #Genesis 21:5|; #Genesis 25:26|; 
> #Genesis 41:46,53,54|; #Genesis 45:4-6|; #Genesis 47:9|; 
> #Genesis 50:26|; #Exodus 7:7|; #Exodus 12:40,41|; #Galatians 3:17|)...

We could, but the actual tags are sort of complex for these, and
wouldn't be that simple to merge.  And I can argue that the source text
had them in this format, so we should preserve that.  Given some more
time, and I can probably come up with more excuses.

> some line breaks, or something to clear up the diagram... 
> actually I see the source has <pre> tags, so I guess it is 
> waiting for an html viewer?

You anticipate my answer. :)  HTML rendering should solve this.

> Thanks for your hard work Chris,

Thank YOU for catching my mistakes. :)