[sword-devel] New & updated modules

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 16 Dec 2001 01:35:18 +1300

> Hitchcocks

This still has a problem in Windows version: scrolling through the list of
words stops at CHELAL, SHAPHAM, and SHILIOH (It use to jump around from J
words to I words)

Is the order of entries in the file (not only the index) important? eg.
CHELLUH, SHEAR-JASHUB, TEL-MELAH, SCHAAPH, - these words work fine though.

> Smiths     (Please let me know if these work now in BibleTime. They

Looks fine.
(Not testing bibletime though - sorry)

> Murdock    (adds Philemon, which was missing)

Looks fine. I did spot a new problem, but it appears in other modules too -
clicking the up arrow to go to the next chapter when III John 1 is the
current chapter sometimes decides to try and show III John 2, then
Revelations (both icu and non-icu sword for windows versions)

> TSK        (no longer ugly & useless)

Beautiful, but...
I don't get the correct verse list in the popup for a lot of the verse
e.g. viewing Rev 2:1
the angel
#8,12,18, 3:1,7,14|

The popup shows
Revelation of John 2:8
Revelation of John 2:12
Revelation of John 2:18
Revelation of John 2:3
Revelation of John 2:7
Revelation of John 2:14

a couple of lines later

 #1:16,20, 8:10-12, 12:1, Joh 5:35|
Revelation of John 1:16
Revelation of John 1:20
Revelation of John 1:8
Revelation of John 1:12
John 1:5

Except if the verse list is selected first, in which case the popup shows:
Revelation of John 2:20
Revelation of John 2:8
Revelation of John 2:12
John 2:5

Deuteronomy 1:1 shows tiny rtf codes (in -icu version, works fine in non-icu

The offset required the further down the entry the mouse is clicked is also
more apparent when the commentary text is basically a list of verse lists.

> KJVlite    (this is just our regular KJV with Larry Pierce's Strong's
> numbers stripped out, so it's public domain)

Looks fine.

> Abbott     (a nice little NT commentary that I haven't seen in any other
> software)

This has some rather ambitious verse references

Romans 8:1
On the supposition that the #last part of the last chapter| describes the
hopeless ...

I Thessalonians 3:1
To be left at Athens. It would seem from #this and the following verses|,
that Timothy ...

Anyone keen on writing the code to translate that? I do appreciate that
someone has taken the trouble to identify which bits of the text are
scripture references; Did whoever did that also include verse references in
a mode more suited to getting a computer to look them up?

> CBC        (the Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia)

This has a blank entry for A
Can verse references be merged? eg
...(#Genesis 12:1-4|; #Genesis 21:5|; #Genesis 25:26|; #Genesis
41:46,53,54|; #Genesis 45:4-6|; #Genesis 47:9|; #Genesis 50:26|; #Exodus
7:7|; #Exodus 12:40,41|; #Galatians 3:17|)...

"ON TO CANAAN", "PRIESTHOOD, THE", "TABERNACLE, THE" needs some line breaks,
or something to clear up the diagram... actually I see the source has <pre>
tags, so I guess it is waiting for an html viewer?

> --Chris

Thanks for your hard work Chris,