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Subject: Re: [sword-devel] Marketing the Holy Spirit (was: GNU)
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But there are still expenses associated with creating the translation.
Salaries of the translators, big expensive Greek and Hebrew dictionaries,

You can't expect someone to shell out $1,000,000 or so making a new
translation, and then giving it away for free can you?  Even if the Holy
Spirit gave the inspiration for each and every word, those words were still
paid for with cold hard cash, that needs to be recovered via royalties.
Jeremy Bettis
Software Development Manager
HKS Medical Information Systems.
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Subject: Re: [sword-devel] Marketing the Holy Spirit (was: GNU)

> On Wednesday 12 December 2001 02:01 am, you wrote:
> > If the
> > Holy Spirit gives a translation should it be marketed?
> The conversation runs like this:
> A: So, was the Holy Spirit involved in this translation?
> B: Why, yes, of course!
> A: Oh? Then how much of the success of the translation would you reckon
> due to the Holy Spirit?
> B: All of it. Naturally!
> A: One hundred percent?
> B: One hundred percent!
> A: So... are you giving Him His share of the royalties?
> B: Uhhhh... what?
> A: Are you giving Him His share of the royalties? If the Holy Spirit is
> responsible for the successof your translation, surely 100% of the
> from it are His, and going to Him, aren't they? Not a mere ten percent or
> anything?
> B [who hasn't yet considered tithing the royalties]: Ummm... Ahh...
> (-: