Still not working (was: [sword-devel] Problems with the Hitchcocks and Smith lexicons)

Joachim Ansorg
Thu, 13 Dec 2001 18:34:02 +0100


Chris, I dowloaded and installed ythe fixed Version of the Hitchcocks lexicon 
and tested it. I'm sorry it still doesn't work. 
Is it possibe that it's a bug in Sword which was introduced with all these 
cool changes in the API? I suspect this because the Hitchcoks module stopped 
working between Sword updates. I had the same data on disk all the time but 
the lading of the module stopped working wat one point (sorry, I do not 
remember) . But this was probably after 1.5.2.
We did not change anything in BibleTime's code related to the loading of the 

Thank you!